Aquarium Gravel, Stone, and Decor

Let's get started on your dream tank!

Having the fish tank of your dreams, and the envy of your friends, is just a few steps away.  Hydroshale’s unique decorator items for your tank include all the components to let you have that natural look that helps your fish’s color really pop!  If you are ready for the tank of a lifetime, let us guide you through the simple steps that bring the traditional fish tank to professional set up for nearly the same price as you’d pay for synthetic and plastic decor from China.  More than that, our products are lightweight, saving you, and your subfloor, added stress as you start to add to your animals habitat.  Our products are so lightweight, that once added to water they feel weightless.  What this means for you is that you get more for your dollar when buying natural products that are sold by the pound.  So if your ready to kick it up a notch, follow these simple instructions for a tank that everyone will be saying wow too!