Adding Hydroshale background stone to your tank is simple and effective.  There are two ways to go about the addition of stone background: Direct adhesion, or by making an insert. 

If you choose to directly apply it to your tank follow these steps:

1 .Clean the interior glass that you will be gluing to.
2. Layout a design next to tank, remember where filter parts will enter tank.
3. Using silicone coat back glass where you intend to glue next piece.  The tank should be one its back to prevent sliding as it dries.
4. Fit pieces tightly together.
5.  Paint back glass of aquarium black with spray paint or window tint.

To make a tank insert follow these steps:

1.  Measure the length and width of the inside of your tank.
2.  Using this measurement, get a piece of glass or acrylic cut to this dimension. 
3.  Lay out your design.  Again, taking into account of where your filtration will go, and the inner dimensions of your tank hole, start to glue cut rocks to fill the space.  Let dry for  24 hour on its back, insert the background at an angle  In most cases a center bulge is the easiest way to get depth to your background(see picture).  This is because these inserts need to go in at a 45 degree angle when inserted.


Using a matching aquarium stone adds a natural complete look that brings the tank together.  We couldn't decide what we liked better, so we brought your two options to choose from when deciding on the gravel.  The gravel, which only needs rinsed before addition, is simply poured into the tank and either mounded or spread evenly until you are happy with the base.  Our product sometimes has a bit of hydrated lime still in the pores, will automatically start to bring itself to its pH neutral state.  Best of all, a little alkalinity is great for new tanks in helping them cycle properly. 

Lastly start to stack, pile, and glue pieces together to add a functional playground for your animals.  Again a little silicone goes a long way.  Use either our Clinker or cut stone to make a look that suites you. 

How to make a hydroshale dream tank