hydroponic media

We are giving you the best price we can.  On top of that our product never goes bad andcan be reused until the end of time.  Buy your media once, and save money to buyseeds, fish food, or nutrients.


This is a natural earth product from the United States of America.

Earth Friendly
Yes, our product is mined and fire to expand it.  However, because you can use it again and again, the energy that goes into making your media and getting it to you is only used once.  Other products that are synthesized and are only good once have a negative cost each time you need to switch them out.  While other “sustainable” products that are recycled have been fired at least twice, an energy intensive process, and trucked thousands of miles in their life.

High surface area
Getting air on the roots but keeping them moist is the name of the game.  Unlike clay medias, HydroShale  is pocked full of holes and voids, perfect for allowing even more oxygen into your grow bed. That high surface area also lends itself to bacteria colonization. The truth is, the more surface area you have per unit volume the more bacteria can live there. This increased number of bacteria help convert ammonia and nitrite to nitrate faster. This also means you can make you filters or media beds smaller and shallow as 6 inches.


Hydroshale is almost half air by volume, yet it won’t float on you like some other medias do.  While it weighs in slightly heavier than expanded clay products, it does not hold on to as much water once drained, so it actually is lighter when working with wet media.  And let’s face it how many hydro operations have dry media?


Unlike some other products that are use once and then no are good, this media will stand the test of time. Use it once, twice, a thousand times and you will get the same results. 

Can be Sanitized
​This is a big advantage when it comes to media. Between every hydroponic grow cycle media should be washed and sanitized, especially if you are growing high value products.  This product is stabile under 2,000°F, so go ahead and fire it up and cook the bugs away.

pH Neutral
​Once acid washed and rinsed, this product is pH neutral… forever.